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California Brewery Start-Up Attorney

During the start-up or running of a craft brewery, legal matters can arise that require effective and experienced legal counsel. This is a very niche area of the law, requiring someone with extensive knowledge of the laws related to brewing.

An Attorney Dedicated To The Craft Beer Industry

I am Candace L. Moon, Esq., an attorney dedicated to serving the legal needs of craft breweries. I call myself a craft beer attorney, which to me means I am someone who can meet all the various legal needs that you may run into when opening/running a brewery or brewpub, just as if you had your own corporate general counsel.

As your attorney, I can handle all aspects of brewery law, including those related to business formation, brewery and beer trademark and copyright, alcohol and beverage law, brand protection, employment law, and contract law.

"Working with Candace is wonderful. She is fair, smart, tough and so easy to work with. We started with her on a challenging trademark issue as a test and she just continues to knock it out of the park. Now we use her for all our legal needs from stock issues to human resources. Just wonderful. I am so thankful we found her."

Jamil Zainasheff, Heretic Brewing Company (Fairfield, CA)

San Diego Nano Brewery Lawyer

My practice is focused entirely on brewery law, and, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only attorney who does this. I went to law school to pursue intellectual property law. I also worked as a bartender for a craft beer establishment called Hamilton's. I knew all these craft brewers, but didn't know any lawyers who were dedicated to working with them. More than three years ago, I started my practice as a craft beer attorney, with the goal of taking brewery and brewpub clients only. Currently, I assist more than 50 breweries, and 99 percent of my clients are breweries.

I am not only familiar with the laws pertaining to craft brewers, but I also pay attention to new beers arriving on the market, which helps when dealing with trademarks.

For a free initial consultation with a California brewery lawyer for start-ups and ongoing representation, contact me today at 866-290-5553 or by filling out and submitting the online form. I offer evening and weekend appointment times by request. If I cannot help you, I have a network of other attorneys in California and across the country who can.


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